The Eight Affirmations of Alcohol & Drug Addiction : David Thomas Dozier

The Eight Affirmations of Alcohol & Drug Addiction : David Thomas Dozier

The Eight Affirmations of Alcohol & Drug Addiction : David Thomas Dozier

The Eight Affirmations of Alcohol & Drug Addiction: A Healing Guide

Negative addiction is not a disease, and therefore cannot be treated with medicines, medicinal attitudes, instructions, rewards for abstinence, or misleading ideologies and practices that in any way tell the alcoholic or drug abuser he is a victim.

Addiction is not a complex condition as many addiction specialists will have us believe. The drama in which many addicts live may be very complex but the experience of addiction is not. It is part of the addictive personality. Positive addiction is nourishing and rewarding; negative addiction is hardly that. It is fueled by emotional need followed by emotional choice. It lacks the liberty of active decision.

David Thomas Dozier presents a new adaptive approach to understanding victimization, lack of control, helplessness and the fatal attraction to pain and suffering. He challenges the false labels often used by addiction specialists to categorize their patients as victims of disease, emotional disorder and psychiatric pathology, all concepts that reinforce the negative drama that is addiction.

He offers ways to help the alcoholic or drug addict allow natural change to occur through understanding and experiencing the powerful affirmations that each human being possesses. He shatters the stereotypes many organizations, specialists and treatment facilities use to diminish an addict’s ownership of awareness, responsibility and active personal choice. He debunks ancient myths regarding addiction and in the end shows us that positive addiction is natural and often healthy.

This book addresses all kinds of addicts, including what the author refers to as external addicts, those loved ones who desperately offer their love, attention, time and guidance in observed situations of torment and suffering. He suggests powerful ways to truly assist the addict through acceptance, faith and therapeutic guidance.

The book does not dwell on proven techniques or on old established ways to redeem addicts. It is based on a new approach that involves awareness, acceptance, free personal choice and present-moment experience, all ways to simplify and demystify the false complexity associated with alcohol and drug dependence.

While some of the contents of this book may appear controversial and sometimes inconsistent with the logic that drives our minds, our mechanism of thinking, the author shows us that we can learn to experience a powerful new perspective of what is going on in an addict’s fanatic attraction to drama and the unremitting state of suffering and anger.

The book is divided into six sections and uses a self-help group approach to interact with readers, a refreshing format of questions and answers by group members in a “room” the author says, “…(that) has no walls or visible boundaries. It’s containment is marked only by the group and their experiences.” The narrative extends beyond that venue, and its experience resonates in the growing awareness the reader uses to understand the truths we all have in common.

The Eight Affirmations of Alcohol & Drug Addiction is a book not to be read in a conventional way but to be fully experienced through observation and awareness.

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