Danger from the Other Side : Nichole Haines

Danger from the Other Side : Nichole Haines

Danger from the Other Side : Nichole Haines

Danger from the Other Side, and Five Other Science Fiction Stories

I must maintain control, I must remember why I’m here, Alexis, that’s right, I was looking for Alexis and to heal the wounds in me that were Chris, ‘5,4,3,2 and 1 deep, deep, deep hypnosis. You’re listening to my voice and soon you’ll find that even if you want to be able to be alert and awake, you just won’t be able to, you’ve given your power to me, just let go now, just relax, that’s right, that’s right, deep, deep, deep hypnosis, very good now, very good’.

On the cinema screen or the screen of my mind, I wasn’t sure, I saw the strange man in the silver cape again. He was wearing a veil, so I couldn’t make out his face and as I began to distinguish the trance from my location I realized that it was his voice who’d influenced my mind on the flight of stairs.

I noticed again that the room was filled with outsiders, all seated with me on the floor, for there were no chairs to relax in. The man’s voice seemed to dominate us all and I could feel terror rising through my being.

Somehow, subliminally, the man in the silver cape, quite possibly Chris or Lucifer, commanded a man and a woman in the audience to stand and pour liquid onto each of our heads, like we were being anointed, attuned, or ritually initiated into a Satanic – like cult. I screamed, finally finding my voice.

“No, I’m with God, I’m a Christian” and I ran from the room, desperately searching for other alternatives. Next to the cinema screen, I found a small side door, pushed my way through it and was about to run but I found myself in an area with a very large swimming pool.

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