Counting Backwards from 100 : Jonathan KelleyMy Life as an Anesthesiologist

This account of my life as an anesthesiologist got started decades ago, after I read an autobiography by a very famous surgeon I’d known during my training in Boston. Somehow, his autobiography didn’t sound right to me…. it only hit the academic honors and prizes he’d been awarded. Nothing about the disappointments or problems.

So I started then to write my story. No holds barred. The ups. The downs. The successes. The failures. And of course later in my career there evolved a beautiful serenity as I came to see how we are all in this together. It’s about the whys, the changing motivations, the personal growth, winding up in a way with a feeling that I’ve had a peek behind the curtain about the meaning of it all.

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Counting Backwards from 100 : Jonathan Kelley

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