Chronicles of Chaos and Consonance : Kalybre The EclecticChronicles of Chaos and Consonance

“Chronicles of Chaos and Consonance” is a book which is mainly about many things. As oxymoronic as that may sound, it is true. This book is about discovering one’s own identity where most would consider it to be lost. It is about triumph as well as the trails and trials that have led to it. It is, as the title proclaims, about maintaining consonance in the midst of chaos without neglecting those who would wish to cause chaos while things are in consonance.

The word choice and vocabulary may prove difficult for some but it is the author’s wish that any reader, whoever it may be, regardless of education level, writing or reading skill, would embrace the feel of the story and allow the details of the words to supplement the content. In any case, the writing style is undoubtedly unique, meticulously conjured and somewhat cryptic, yet such is the nature of poetry.

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Chronicles of Chaos and Consonance : Kalybre The Eclectic

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