Her Viking Heart : Heidi Herman

Her Viking Heart : Heidi Herman

Her Viking Heart : Heidi HermanHer Viking Heart

When her father is suddenly killed a year after her mother’s death, Anna Miller is alone.

With no other family and a dismal dating history, loneliness and depression threaten to overwhelm her. As she struggles to cope, she comes across a family secret that changes everything.

She finds new purpose after discovering her father’s hidden research and is determined to complete what he had started.

Anna begins a journey to unravel the family mystery buried in four generations of deceit. As she follows the clues, she finds a new love and a sense of belonging, but is it real?

The present and past collide when she uncovers a family legacy of lies and betrayal, cold-blooded ambition and vicious deceit surround her. The answer she searches for may reveal her true heritage but threaten her own chance at happiness and a new life.

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