Birdwoman : Anne Carlisle


Birdwoman : Anne Carlisle

Birdwoman : Anne CarlisleBirdwoman: Memoirs of a Lovesick Siren (Diaries of a Siren, Book 1)

Hot romance and the paranormal-among-us are brewed together in this funny, racy, coming-of-age memoir from 23-year-old Destiny Dragoman. She is a sexy siren in human form, which has its ups and downs. The word “dragoman” means interpreter or guide, and Destiny’s popular syndicated advice column, “Ask Dear Destiny” has turned her into an international hotie.

Everything from computer dating to sexual fantasy is explored in her columns and blogs. She also possesses gifts of mind-reading and musical genius — not to mention vestigial wings and talons covered by fashionable gloves and capes. Destiny flies like a migratory bird between Pinnacle, Wyoming, and Key West, Florida, two small towns where extremes in sex and religion are the norm.

Along the way she attracts a flock of sirens from antiquity and chronic family problems. Although Destiny’s predatory powers outmatch any human’s, she experiences heartbreak over and over again. She lives under the shadow of a family curse — the women can have any man they like, so long as they like him dead. In her memoirs she refers to herself as a “damned creature.” What terrible event is she afraid to reveal?

If she is the vanguard of a new human species, Is she a force for evil or good? If for good, how will she defeat the curse and find true love?

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