Big Bottom Blues : Lucie B Lindner

Big Bottom Blues

Big Bottom Blues : Lucie B Lindner

Big Bottom Blues : Lucie B LindnerBig Bottom Blues

BIG BOTTOM BLUES is a gripping and emotional story about a woman’s traumatic childhood riddled with sexual and physical abuse and its devastating effects in her adult life.

Lucie B takes us through the pain of body dysmorphia, isolation, addiction to food, binge eating disorder, shame, guilt and self-loathing that tormented her long after the abuse stopped. She tells her story from the heart, allowing readers to emotionally connect to her world of pain and suffering.

This is a raw and unnerving story that hits the nerve of every woman and man who has been sexually abused, particularly by the hands of a family member. This emotionally vulnerable book helps survivors step through their “Ring of Fire” and to stand strong with the conviction to forge forward.

Big Bottom Blues is more than just a book about healing from childhood rape: it is a story that inspires and empowers childhood abuse survivors to flip the script on their trauma and triumph!

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