Avtandil’s Quest : HJ Buell

Avtandil’s Quest : HJ Buell

Avtandil's Quest : HJ BuellMore than 1,000 years ago in the Kingdom of Arabia, a woman named Tinatin is crowned as King. She doesn’t know it yet, but a young Knight named Avtandil is in love with her.

He’s overjoyed by her coronation because it means he will be able to see her more often. However, before he has a chance to confess his feelings, tragedy strikes.

A Black Knight wearing the skin of a panther and riding a midnight steed appears from nowhere. He butchers countless Arabian soldiers before vanishing from sight. Despite searching the entire Kingdom, no one can find a trace of the man. It’s as if he never existed.

In an effort to uncover the secret of the Knight in the Panther Skin, Avtandil undertakes a perilous quest. Alone and facing impossible odds, he must succeed in battling himself and the world if he’s to ever return home and win the heart of Tinatin. The only problem is, he’s not sure if the Black Knight is a man or a monster…

Avtandil’s Quest is the first of three books retelling the Knight in the Panther Skin, a legendary epic poem set in an age lost to time and history.

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