ARIA: Left Luggage : Geoff Nelder

ARIA: Left Luggage

ARIA: Left Luggage : Geoff Nelder

ARIA: Left Luggage : Geoff NelderARIA: Left Luggage

A silvery case is found in the external struts of the International Space Station (ISS). It is opened on Earth releasing a virus that causes retrograde amnesia at the rate of a year’s memory per week. No one is immune. It is tragic – as after a week or so people forget where their new homes and jobs are, and children lose speech, medicines are not produced.

Yet there is humour – who is that you wake up next to, and did you both make out? Ryder realizes what’s going on in time to persuade a handful of professionals to barricade themselves in a remote Welsh valley. The uninfected crew of the ISS join them.

Can they survive intruders? This is a human disaster yet with romance, betrayal, survival, mystery and an exploration into what is so important in life it must be preserved.

ARIA: Left Luggage was voted the best SF novel of 2012 at the P&E Readers’ Poll for its original concept & dynamic characters.

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