A Glitch In The System : Adam Aust

A Glitch In The System

A Glitch In The System : Adam Aust

A Glitch In The System : Adam AustA Glitch In The System

Angela Gianni lived a quiet, alternative life as a dominatrix on the outskirts of Los Angeles—until her closest friend and secret lover both disappeared, and a bloody corpse materialized in her beach bungalow. With no memory of the murder, and bodies piling up as fast as the incriminating evidence against her, Angela’s only hope may be F.B.I. agent John Bancroft and the potential link between his twelve-year-old cold case and her own. But with the walls closing in around her, and her circumstances turning from desperate to dire, Angela might not survive long enough to connect the dots . . .

As a litigator in New York City and Washington, D.C., Adam Aust routinely saw perceptions rule reality–even when billions of dollars or a person’s life hung in the balance. Inspired by these experiences, he wrote A Glitch in the System, the harrowing, white-knuckle tale of a woman struggling to overcome the ever-changing perceptions controlling her fate.

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