The Night Of The Eleventh Sun : Steven Burgauer

The Night of the Eleventh Sun

The Night Of The Eleventh Sun : Steven Burgauer

The Night Of The Eleventh Sun : Steven BurgauerThe Night of the Eleventh Sun

This book — The Night of the Eleventh Sun — is what I would call speculative science fiction. I wondered to myself what actually happened some 40,000 years ago when the last of the Neanderthals met the first humans as early man spread west into Iberia. Thus was born this very well researched, but entirely fictional book. This book is Underground Reviews certified and I am a Goodreads Author. The book is available to you in Kindle form or pdf or hardcopy, at your choice.

The fossil record is unclear.
Did Neanderthal speak?
Did he laugh, have music, feel love?
Did he interact with Homo sapiens or get killed by him in mortal combat or get pushed to extinction on less marginal lands?
This book answers some of those questions in a carefully researched fictional setting.
Now meet Strong Arms, leader of the clan.

Predator species have spite hardwired into their behavior.

Killing the competition before it grows up is always a good genetic strategy for any meat-eater.

Now, take one that’s smart, adaptive, and a consummate tool-user, and you have the makings for a conflict of monumental proportions.

It’s man versus Neanderthal in the mountains of Iberia. Only one will survive.

You may be surprised by which.

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