Arctic Cold : Jason Keizer

Arctic Cold : Jason Keizer

Arctic Cold : Jason KeizerArctic Cold

2015: The Vostok Virus spreads, turning the people infected into freezing, ravenous monsters called Arctics.

2016: Civilization starts to crumble as the number of Arctics surpass the number of living humans in the world.

2018: America falls to a new government named Serra, which controls most of the area east of the Mississippi river.

2019: James Matheson and his team of mercenaries must travel into Arctic infected areas to rescue two people and get some new tech that could help kill off the Arctics for good. As they make their way through the infested areas, they come across groups of Skullniks, brutal humans living west of the Mississippi, and have to fight their way to their mission. Once they get to their objective, things take a turn for the worse as they get surrounded by Arctics. Soon, they realize, that isn’t even close to the worst thing waiting outside for them.

Journey into a world full of death, destruction, and bloody mayhem in this first part of the Arctic series.

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