Unlawful Desires : Sassy Sinclair

Unlawful Desires : Sassy Sinclair

Unlawful Desires : Sassy SinclairUnlawful Desires

In this erotic suspense romance, sparks fly when a handsome lawyer falls hard for a smart, seductive woman who thinks like a man and acts like one too.

Sharla Ratliff is done with having her heart broken. Her new dating rules are simple. No emotion. No expectation of commitment.

Sex purely for her own physical enjoyment. Then she meets Marcel Dennard.

The attractive lawyer has all the trappings of success: a thriving career, women at his beck and call, and enough money in the bank for the finer things in life.

Their lust for each other doesn’t just create sparks, it sets off explosions.

The sexual attraction between them is so passionately erotic they behave in ways that can only be called reckless.

After a shocking series of events place both of their careers in jeopardy, can they restrain their sexual desires long enough to keep everything they’ve worked for from going up in smoke?

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