Acne : Aarti Patel

Acne : Aarti Patel

Acne : Aarti PatelPut acne in your rearview mirror, once and for all.

For those of us who have struggled with chronic acne, we know that these irritating bumps don’t just mess with our skin and appearance. They also curse at us every day, affecting our confidence and self-image. When you look in the mirror, you may hear the words acne uses: It throws out insults and belittling messages, and it tells us not to bother trying to make our skin better. It says just give up. At the same time, acne also demands that we drop everything we’re doing and give it constant attention. This four-letter word is a bully, not just a diagnosis and physical skin condition the way we’re taught to think by mainstream medicine and the skincare industry. To truly defeat acne once and for all, both the mind and body have to get involved.

We need a better approach to treating acne than simply face washes, creams, supplements, pharmaceuticals, and dietary changes. These methods don’t address the bullying tactics acne uses to try and control our lives, so they don’t tend to be long-term solutions. Acne often just bulldozes over these efforts, costing us the money and time we spend on trying to fix our skin, and leaving us frustrated.

Well, now there’s a way to talk and fight back. You don’t have to sit there silently while acne tries to take away what’s yours, including your skin and your life. You can start recognizing the false messages that this four-letter word is sending you and separate your identity from them, reclaiming your skin in the process. You can stand up for yourself in the face of acne and refuse to revolve your life around it. Acne: Just Another Four-Letter Word shows you how to do just that.

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