A Suitcase Full of Dried Fish : Bakar MansarayA Suitcase Full of Dried Fish and Other Stories

Distinctively and splendidly adventurous, romantic, historical, and funny, ranging from the harrowing slums of Katakoumbay to the comforts of the developed world, this collection of stories investigates the complexities in human relationships. The language is contemporary and often unrelenting. The book is a timely exposé on the joys and disillusionment of post-independence Africa and the Caribbean.

“A Suitcase Full of Dried Fish and other stories” is written from the viewpoint of various characters replete with emotion and stinging dialogue. We read about the secrets of online dating; the trial of a migrant; a polygamous household; a rebel leader; an air steward; a teacher – pupil relationship; the fears of sickness; and a glimpse of the afterlife.

These stories allow a peek into the lives of extraordinary individuals who persevere or give up in times of love, hate, injustice, war, and the desire for money. They show that even in the midst of adversity, much can be achieved with resilience, and much can also be lost where there is no forgiveness.

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A Suitcase Full of Dried Fish : Bakar Mansaray

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