A Spanking For Lydia : Sigrid Katrinsdatter

A Spanking For Lydia : Sigrid Katrinsdatter

A Spanking For Lydia : Sigrid KatrinsdatterA Spanking for Lydia

The erotic story of a young actress and her actor husband, and her first loving, disciplinary, over-the-knee spanking at his very firm hand. …

Lydia makes the mistake of walking home alone past midnight through Hell’s Kitchen after a theater performance, and arrives home to a frightened, upset husband, determined to not back down on an earlier promise to spank her if this ever happened again…

Read how the well-suited and adoring young couple find a compromise to his determination to correct her dangerous behavior by giving her a very sore bottom, and her equal determination to not submit to the somewhat terrifying prospect of painful physical discipline and loss of personal control.

See how the two come to a loving reconciliation, even though Lydia does indeed consent to ending up with a sore and stinging behind at her husband’s hand.

Sigrid Katrinsdatter is a pseudonym for an author who is a real-life “spanko.”

Happily married for 20 years, with two beautiful daughters, the woman behind “Sigrid” has a decidedly alpha personality in every other aspect of her life other than spanking (where she is a contented “sub”), is a trial lawyer specializing in criminal defense, enjoys cats and dogs, and struggles with her attraction to and simultaneous discomfort with themes of domestic discipline in other authors’ works, as someone who believes wholeheartedly in female equality and full female agency.

Yet readers will note “A Spanking for Lydia,” makes clear DD appeals to her viscerally on some level as a fantasy, when administered by a dominant but clearly devoted and loving alpha male.

Sigrid hopes to launch the characters featured here — Lydia and Charlie — into a romantic series of spanking short stories and novels.

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