A Prayer for Donald : Pablo Pootin

A Prayer for Donald : Pablo Pootin

A Prayer For Donald : Pablo PootinThe Secret Plot to Remove President Trump From Office

A revealing satire on the hatred and disinformation corrupting our culture.

In this book you will find:
•Stories from the hidden White House that you will never see in the terrible, horrible media!
•Fake news so astonishing it could only be true!
•Truths so amazing they cannot be believed!
•Why the Democrats had Donald Trump elected???
•Trump’s underground, intimate meeting with Vladimir Putin!
•What beauties dance on the table at cabinet meetings??
•The ACTUAL, GENUINE conspiracies invading our nation!

WARNING: This is not a book for those who wallow in a world of fake news and self-deception. If you are proud of your closed mind, this book is no place for your empty noggin. Prepare yourselves for the best entertainment, which is enlightenment.

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The most controversial and influential book of this decade.

In this book’s low, mean fantasies, insecure and unethical readers can find whatever they want, regardless of their political affiliation. If you’re looking for trouble instead of solutions for trouble, you’ll find it here.
—The Olde Neo Review

A work of cultural criticism unparalleled in its courage and audacity. The antithesis of PC from any perspective.
—The Truth Of Our Time

I truly believe that this book is the work of Lucifer. Even though Lucifer was a fallen angel, that doesn’t mean this book is Blessed. You can fall from Heaven, but not from a swamp.
—Concern For Country

You know how they say genius and insanity are so close together? Well, they definitely shacked up to make this book.
—Moderate Opinion Monthly

The absurdity of modern life has never been so bitingly, hilariously captured.
—A. Hitler (in absentia)

“Fake fiction?” That’s a double negative, so does it mean this book isn’t fiction? Let’s hope it is, otherwise the revelations here surely mean the space-time continuum will soon flip over on its belly.
—Leadership Media

Good, but would be better with more witches and horse sweat.
—Genuine Agenda Online

In A Prayer For Donald you will learn about:
•The fantastic “beverages” doled out at secret White House meetings!
•Minefields along the border wall!
•The wizardry of Barron Trump!
•”Pizzagate” and its noble solution!
•The truth behind microwave attacks against our diplomats!
•A food orgy with North Korea’s leader!
•How Trump survived a previously unrevealed alligator attack!
•The ultimate destruction brought by the space race!


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