A Little Dog’s Adventures in a Big Dog’s World : Suzanne J Catalano


A Little Dog’s Adventures in a Big Dog’s World : Suzanne J Catalano

A Little Dog's Adventures in a Big Dog's World : Suzanne J CatalanoThis book is for humans to read, but I wrote this book for the dogs. I see how powerful it is when the dog is given a choice, given a voice. I have seen dogs transform from nervous and shy to confident and empowered all after having built a connection with a human through nose work.

In this book, I begin with some introduction to the hobby and sport of Canine Detection along with some storytelling of my actual experiences learning, practicing, and competing in the Canine Performance Sport, Scent/Nose Work. Through the storytelling, I demonstrate how the bond, the human-canine connection, can be built using as an example the relationship I have with my dog, Winnie.

I give a little history about this new sport, the national organizations that sanction it, and a basic explanation of what is nose work. I explain about search areas called elements, and for what the dogs are searching, target odor essential oils. I also give a little information about the competitive aspect by sharing my own trial competition experiences.

Using my personal story, I relay some background about from whom I learned, how I was taught, and then tell how I came to understand nose work by doing it Winnie’s way. I share my philosophy on nose work and hope other dog lovers and Canine Performance Sport hobbyists can come away with a helpful new perspective. I want to create within my readers a desire to learn, explore and find they can do things their own dog’s way all while experiencing the power of a bond beyond expectations.

Finally, I talk a little about Faith and the personal transformation I have experienced doing Nose Work. Through more storytelling, I share what nose work means to me beyond a hobby. My readers will learn how important it is to cherish every second we have with our dogs, and how nose work can open their hearts to surrendering to the moment. The best way to appreciate all we have in life is to always look towards our dogs and cue off of them for finding target odor and the funner things in life.

Nothing can heal our souls, nothing can bring us joy and nothing can help us find our way in life better than the smiling face of a dog and her nose.

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