A Lasting Tale : FN Beza

A Lasting Tale : FN Beza

A Lasting Tale : FN BezaMany can play a part in the history of a glorious land, but only a few can be part of the ending…

Today only some remember Therneck, an Empire for the lucky ones. It’s people, once emperors of a land that stood strong against adversity, today are only remembered by those eager to kill their legacy. But no one— no one other than me knows what happened. What truly broke it all and made it crumble.

How the ending began inside the home of a powerful family.

Ace and Mel, brother an sister, enemies.

Their father would tear them apart, and even as they tried holding on, love and childish promises couldn’t keep them together forever.

They had been broken too many times.

They had too many secrets.

I’m here to tell you how their story began, and how it led to the downfall of the Empire.

But I shall warn you, you’ll wish you had never heard the story of Therneck…

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