You Know What I'm Sayin'? : Daniel García OrdazYou Know What I’m Sayin’?

This book is a celebration of language: Hispanic, Chicano, Tex-Mex, African American dialect, All-American Latino. The first half is poetry influenced by my growing up with hip-hop and rap and my American experience, traveling around the U.S. The second half is poetry influenced by growing up in the barrio and my Mexican American experience, traveling around the U.S. and Mexico. In the middle is the borderlands–part poetry, part theatre.

The first half is mostly in English and the second half is mostly in English with some tri-lingual (Spanish, Tex-Mex, English) poems thrown in.

My journalistic article and work from this book has been taught and assigned as required reading at campuses around the country.

El Zarape Press presents its first collection of poetry by the eclectic Daniel García Ordaz, The Poet Mariachi, “the voice of the Rio Grande Valley” (Texas), an emerging voice in Latino literature. You Know What I’m Sayin’? is a celebration of the common experience of language and culture transfiguring time and place and juxtaposing the politics of urban hip-hop America with the lyricism of rural deep South Texas, a retelling of ancient history sung by a contemporary voice. With an introduction by Fulbright Scholar Dr. Debbie Cole, a linguistic anthropologist. Mainly English; some bilingual (English/Spanish), Tex-Mex and pieces. Hispanic/Latino themes as well as All-American experiences relevant and appropriate for 3rd grade to college-level.

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