Wisdom : Jason A. Merchey

Wisdom : Jason A. Merchey

Wisdom : Jason A. MercheyCan wisdom be understood, developed, and improved?
Does wisdom really underlie success, fulfillment, and happiness?
What are the characteristics and skills of wise individuals?
Can one be happier and more fulfilled by “loving wisdom”?

You can’t buy wisdom. You can’t borrow it. You can’t even steal it. Immensely valuable and desired, yet difficult to acquire, the journey to wisdom has few shortcuts. There are, however, few endeavors more fulfilling.

While no one can teach you how to be wise, this carefully researched book may help you grow to love the pursuit of it. Philos sophia is Greek for “the love of wisdom,” and is the precursor of modern philosophy and much of applied psychology. Wisdom can become one’s greatest strength—if they know enough about it, and care enough about making it so!

Four-time author Jason Merchey spent years researching, considering, writing, and rewriting a book he thinks can make an impact on individuals, and on society as a whole, WISDOM: A VERY VALUABLE VIRTUE (2022). As a long-time lover of wisdom, Jason Merchey brings a refreshing array of insightful and interesting quotations (and personal reflections) to this deep and wide investigation into the nature of wisdom. There is much in the book that can be helpful for people on a personal growth journey, but who want to avoid all the nonsense that comes along with many self-help books. This book is grounded in philosophy, psychology, Humanism, classical wisdom, and progressive principles.

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