Winter Grows on Paris : Amit Kumar

Winter Grows on Paris : Amit Kumar

Winter Grows on Paris : Amit KumarWinter Grows on Paris is a curated collection of poetry by Amit Kumar, a Max Planck fellow and a critically acclaimed poet, essayist and researcher.

These select poems soulfully deconstruct the curious interplay between love, self and silence as much as they are about journeys, people and places.

In rhymes and blank verses, these poems weave stories by delving deep into and caressing gently the myriad human emotions “Self” endures and experiences while negotiating the jazzy, vivacious, poignant journeys of loving, unloving then loving again interspersed with hope, despair, nostalgia, joys and torments in equal measures. Journeys which ultimately become voyages of self-discovery.

Intensely emotional and often a tad philosophical the poems take the reader through a passionate journey of life in multichrome taken in many lands, across many winters, summers, springs and autumns, through full moons, dark nights and shades in between.


As bodies turn into water
Seine flowing silently
now freezes to a halt
and I cross it over
walking on my frozen destiny
to embrace you
equally frozen
in the envelope of my mist

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