What’s Wrong With My Body Now? : Jill Wolff

What’s Wrong With My Body Now? : Jill Wolff

What's Wrong With My Body Now? : Jill WolffMy discoveries and insights may help if you, or someone you care about, has a hyperactive immune system, allergies or IBS, or an illness resulting from abuse. Lifelong Autoimmune reactions made me feel like I always had some degree of the flu, along with its overall achy pain and fatigue. Doctors wouldn’t help me because it was much easier for them to say that “it’s just in your head.”

Since a magic pill wasn’t available, I found tools that I could use to actively manage the reactions’ effect on my life and to make this body as comfortable as is possible. The book includes chapters about Autoimmune and allergic reactions, using food as medicine for IBS, essential oils, cold therapy, medical marijuana, PTSD, and dog allergies. It also has a Resources chapter with links to supplemental information and personal stories from people with similar experiences.

Our technology is impressive, but it’s making the planet toxic for our bodies. My immune reactions have included a mini-stroke and a heart arrhythmia episode with a near-death experience, which is described in the book. As we are all exposed to higher levels of chemical toxicity, those of us with sensitive immune systems are experiencing illnesses that could be a harbinger for people with healthy bodies.


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