Treasures of Life : Samuel German

Treasures of Life

Treasures of Life : Samuel German

Treasures of Life : Samuel German

“Treasure” is a subjective word. Perhaps a box full of shining
gold and sparkling gems is the first image to come to mind. Now if you were
asked “what is something in the world or your life that you treasure?”, what
would be the first thing to come to mind? What if you could only choose one
thing? What would it be?

 Treasures of life explores these ideas, in poetry form. The
book travels from topic to topic, page to page and discoveries different
aspects in each topic. From topics as simple as “warmth”, as complicated as
love, as exciting as sex, there are a total of 60 topics in the poetry book.

 There is a total of 61 poems, and one topic is covered twice.
Which topic could require two poems? Look through the pages and see if you can
find which one! Also, take a few moments before reading to think of your own
treasure, then see if you can find it within the pages.

 If you don’t find your topic in the pages, then reach out to
the author “Samuel German” and let him know what your topic was. Perhaps, there
could a be a future book called: “Forgotten treasures”. 

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