The Tenth House : Ashley ScottBook 1 Turn of the Zodiac Series

Ciara gets the shock of a lifetime when she discovers the Zodiacs are real beings. She must learn to trust them to find Taurus’s true birthstone and stop him from taking over humanity. But Taurus isn’t the only threat. An ancient order of mages looms in the shadows. They also want the birthstones, but for a very different reason.

I was perfectly content with running away from a life I no longer loved. A city that haunts me. Until a Zodiac murdered one of my friends in front of me. Taurus has arrived on Earth, and he’s come to end the Guardian line. As winter crashes down on Reno, it brings with it an ancient feud, elemental magic and the turn of the Zodiac wheel. That gives me four days to find Taurus’s true birthstone and send him back to Polaris before he can succeed in taking over humanity. If I can keep myself and everyone I love alive.

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The Tenth House : Ashley Scott

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