The Sins of Maggie Black : Howard Petote

The Sins of Maggie Black : Howard Petote

The Sins of Maggie Black : Howard PetoteThe Sins of Maggie Black

Insects buzz in the heavy air, and sitting in her ’85 Ford, saleswoman Maggie Black can barely breathe. Glancing at the little boy asleep behind her, she prays the van will start. Dirty, beat and shaking with fear, she thrusts the key in and twists hard, frantically pumping the gas.

Homeless and on the run, she lands in Lincoln, Nebraska—hoping to earn some money. Pitching her wares door-to-door as dusk falls, she’s stopped by the police. Before escorting her out of town, the sergeant offers advice—booming casinos in Deadwood need workers. A dream catches fire in her heart, but she strands 240 miles short, at a city campground in Scottsbluff. Broke, her son ill, she accepts the help of a lonely park ranger—only to become torn between his love, her dreams and the stark reality of her past.

A prairie town, dramatic bluff and historic river form the crucible in this visceral portrayal of survival, redemption and love.

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