The Secret Broker : Simon Crane

The Secret Broker : Simon Crane

The Secret Broker : Simon CraneThe Secret Broker

On the North Pacific, a Japanese ship Shīsupiritto runs into trouble. The battering from the elements is the least of the captain’s concerns; he has his own excuses for allowing the concealment of cargo and unauthorised passengers. How did anyone learn the truth about the Shīsupiritto’s cargo?

Powerless against the brutal mercenaries that board his ship by helicopter, the captain meets Butakhan, a power-hungry and ruthless warmonger who kills one of the ship’s crew, and then leaves, taking the concealment with him.

Why? Meet Luca Voss the young Swiss man, an eligible, mysterious bachelor with whom JJ falls in love. JJ, an Anglo-Chinese twenty-eight year-old, intelligent and guarded, flirtatious and sexy, sets off with Luca on an epic journey. Realizing that she is on an odyssey and that it is too late to return home now, JJ is Luca’s right-hand woman as the battle commences.

A romance, action thriller, political novel, the narrative is woven from the attributes and concerns of the twenty-first century and reveals what lies behind the secrets of the Families, nations-states, and individual agendas that otherwise remain hidden from view.

Luca Voss is the instrument of the Families’ peacekeeping exercises as he power brokes complex strategies with the world’s movers and shakers, as well as being their financial markets guru and arbitrator between the Families.

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