The Midas Deception : Frankie Albritton


The Midas Deception : Frankie Albritton

The Midas Deception : Frankie AlbrittonMidas and his Eternal Ones are employing dark powers to manipulate gold markets and change human history during the tumultuous period encompassing the 19th and 20th centuries.

Matt List, Cowboy, Army aviation pioneer, and banker must fulfill a prophecy and accept the leadership of the Eternal Ones or risk losing Helena, Midas’ beautiful daughter.

Follow him from the cabarets of Berlin to the Bund in Shanghai as he searches for the relics that will enable him to continue the journey of the Eternal ones or to end it.

Will Matt harness the awesome power needed to fulfill the ancient prophecy, or will he sacrifice love and eternal life to end the journey of the Eternal Ones?

The Midas Plot by Frankie Albritton is also on Whizbuzz Books.



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