The Message for the Last Days : K.J. Soze


The Message for the Last Days : K.J. Soze

The Message for the Last Days : K.J. SozeThe book explains afterlife beliefs found in the Bible and in ancient historical documents; then the answer to eternal life’s quest is revealed through a step by step format, untangling the enigma.

The future is revealed through understanding the past.

How can we know what the future holds if we don’t understand the past? This question is at the heart of this book as much of modern Christian culture has lost its roots. The crux of the book is derived from biblically consistent interpretation methods to find hard truths about our fate mentioned in the Bible.

This award-winning Christian non-fiction book condenses detailed biblical research of complex passages into an easy to follow progression that saves readers’ time with their biblical studies. The process is an integration of Bible references, concordances, topical studies and commentaries into a unique package that helps to amplify the Bible’s main message.

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