The light Was Always Here : Michelle Goettemoeller

The light Was Always Here : Michelle Goettemoeller

The light Was Always Here : Michelle GoettemoellerThe light Was Always Here

Why do people choose the books they do? What brought you to this one? What does it have to offer?

Always the questions we ask when searching out a book to read. So many books and similar genres to select from. Hold onto the queries a bit and stay with me, we will arrive at some answers perhaps.

In the beginning, this book was about me and a particular story I wished to tell. My story includes my pilgrimage walk on the Camino de Santiago.

On that journey, I experienced something spiritual and profound. The experience was a catalyst for me. It unfolded me and turned me inside out.

You see, before the journey, I was living my life directed by my inner fears. I was trying in vain to find comfort and safety.

Living life in such a way was painful. All the while, a version of an extraordinary existence that I dreamed about was dying within. It was there, beckoning me to grasp it, but seemed out of reach and fading fast.

At this point in my life is where the Camino came in and strengthened me from the “inside out.” I emerged emboldened and capable. I became no longer satisfied with just dreaming up a life to have, but never to live. Fearlessness was required to reach inside me and pull out the terror so I could then soar without clipped wings.

That work continues still.

Now, let’s answer the questions above.

It is all about you now.

I am an absolute believer that stories and other mediums pick us based on our intentions. Spiritual messages come to us when we call them from within us.

We do this when we are searching and hungry for transportation, desire, inspiration and passage from one reality to another.

We desire a stimulation that can arise out from the pages and reach that place within. I want feelings to emerge that surprise, entrance, or stir something within you. So, you become inspired by the narrative, and you become the next story written.

That is why you will choose this book.

The Camino experience had been gifted to me in the manner I just described, as were the voice and the words to express the incredible passage now.

And so I have…

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