The End of All Things : Mad McCabeThe West is infected by end-stage cultural decadence. Can it possibly be saved?

The End of All Things is the love child of The Da Vinci Code and The X-Files. It is a philosophical sci-fi thriller, with a mix of rich characterization, fast-paced action, and reflections on modernity.

The End of All Things follows Dr. Laurence Blake, a Manhattan psychiatrist, who is approached for help by a beautiful but delusional woman, Cara Nolan. She claims to have worked as a ‘psychic spy’ for the CIA and to have been involved in decoding a communication from deep space.

Blake, impressed by her intelligence and beauty, impulsively accepts her invitation to meet her father, the leader of a UFO cult. Blake’s visit initiates an increasingly complex series of events, causing Blake to wonder whether Cara may not, after all, be insane.



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The End of All Things: UFOs and the Age of American Decadence : Mad McCabe

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