The Call House: A Washington Novel : C.P. StilesThe Call House: A Washington Novel

A war on vice In Washington, DC—a city constantly awash in scandals? Hard to believe, but it really happened. Only not exactly the way it’s told here.

In this funny, fast-paced novel, 1940s Washington DC is the main character, not just the setting. As the adolescent world capital fills up with trainloads of hopefuls, you’ll get to know a naïve, adventure-seeking girl from small town Tennessee, an idealistic congressman from the Midwest, and a cop not quite right for the job.

The fun begins when the DC police and the FBI try to outdo each other in waging a war on vice. They set their sights on a classy, expensive call house occupying the top floor of an apartment building on ultra-respectable Connecticut Avenue.

C.P. Stiles’ crisp writing and sharp eye for detail keep you smiling as you take in a Washington that never dreamed of today’s scandals—but was on its way to them.

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The Call House: A Washington Novel : C.P. Stiles

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