The Angelic Realm : Dennis MacyBecome inspired as this book reveals mystifying and unusual encounters outside the realm of normal existence.

You will become fascinated by the way spirits try to make contact with their loved ones here on earth as I take you into the Angelic Realm with my visits, spiritual encounters, along with the messages and the signs that are being revealed to me to deliver to others.

The stories and revelations are heartening and enlightening that will provide a sense of hope and healing of one’s heart, mind and soul.

As my journey takes me to seek out and understand my enhanced abilities in this uplifting and powerful book that will bring joy, peace and comfort to those who seek it.

My hope is that my experiences can bring reassurances to those who are seeking answers and for those individuals who have had spiritual encounters along with visions that scientifically cannot be explained.

Demystifying Enlightenment by Dennis Macy is also on Whizbuzz Books

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The Angelic Realm: Discovering The Spiritual World and Its Healing Powers : Dennis Macy

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