The Aletheian Journeys : Lisa Mayer

The Aletheian Journeys

The Aletheian Journeys : Lisa Mayer

The Aletheian Journeys : Lisa MayerThe Aletheian Journeys : The Arrow Bringer

The Arrow Bringer tells the story of Evangeline Lewis, a high school junior who has just been diagnosed with Leukemia. Shortly after her diagnosis, Evangeline encounters a mysterious being known as the Arrow Bringer. She is given a choice: spend her last days in peace with her family, or help save another world called Aletheia from a great evil.

She chooses to stay.

All she wants after this is to make the most of what is left of her life. It seems like this will be possible, despite her guilt, until she learns that Shawn Lawrence—the closest person she has to a friend—has gone to Aletheia in her place. His life now hangs in the balance.

Now it is up to Evangeline to save Shawn and race to fix her mistake as a shadow falls over Aletheia and the new friends she finds there. But the clock is ticking. Even as her disease consumes her body, a new enemy and more imminent perils pursue her. And she must endure all and help save Aletheia while keeping her darkest secret: that all of it is her fault.

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