The Accidental Wife : Cj Fosdick

The Accidental Wife

The Accidental Wife : Cj Fosdick

The Accidental Wife : Cj FosdickThe Accidental Wife

Jessica Brewster comes from a long line of over-achieving, independent women with a penchant for storytelling, smart-ass retorts and marrying late in life. She resembles the great-great grandmother she is named for, who once survived an Indian massacre —and her subsequent prejudice— to fall in love with a green-eyed half breed in a century that had little tolerance for interracial marriage.

When the family’s current heiress dies, Jessica’s life takes an unexpected U-turn back in time. While going through inherited keepsakes, she finds a hidden teacup with a strange hallmark. Taking it to work at Old Fort Laramie, she adds it to the antique donations that stage the restorations at the historic park site. Tourist season is in full swing in 2012 when she takes part in an interpretive 1880’s tea party and finds “Living History” takes on new meaning when she slips  back to the wrong year…in the wrong century…in the wrong shoes. In 1886, she’s become her look-alike great-great grandmother, married to the family’s mesmerizing hero and mother to her own nine-year-old great grandmother.  Until she can find a portal back to the present, the well-educated, 30-year-old plays the role of a lifetime, immersing herself into character while struggling with guilt and a mouth that keeps spouting Twenty-first Century insights and idioms.

Can a woman who has never known the love of a man or child pull off the charade without losing her own heart?  Jessica will navigate checks and balances in the timeless journey of the heart, especially when a mysterious gypsy and her ancestor’s brother shows up with his own dark secret. Does her future lie in the past, or in any era? Her legacy and her life teeter in the balance of discovery.

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