The ABCs of Learning the Bible : Dwayne Douglas

The ABCs of Learning the Bible : Dwayne Douglas

The ABCs of Learning the Bible : Dwayne DouglasA cleverly illustrated religious book that provides a fun, fresh look at the Bible. Not only will this book entertain you and spark curiosity about some of the people in the Bible, but it will also help you learn the alphabet. Oh, you are probably thinking that you already know the ABC’s, right? Well, this book will surely put that thought to test.

Whether you take one letter at a time or several, this spiritual children’s book will assist you in learning a lot about the Bible. For some, it may be difficult to remember all the people and the stories in the Bible, but this book will guide you and will lead to some deep studying and wonderful conversations.

The South family invites you to join them in a Bible study. The family enjoys it when you study individually, in small groups, or in large groups. You might think of Eve when you hear the name Adam, but…

• Can you pair a name with Boaz?
• Can you explain why some relationships in the Bible went from good to bad?
• Can you discuss many ways that people were blessed for doing what was right?
• Can you describe how different people proved their love for Jesus?

Not only will the South family help children and adults answer those questions, but readers will also receive some good advice about everyday life situations, get tips about living life as a Christian, and will learn about some of the many miracles in the Bible.

This is a book for anyone who wants to learn more about the Bible and who would love to be entertained while also being educated. A great gift for baptisms, people you want to see get saved, or for those who have strayed away. This book starts with the letter “A” and works its way through the alphabet by discussing many people and topics in the Bible. Just like the Bible, this book can be enjoyed by ALL ages.

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