The 800 Blueprint : Anthony Daniels

The 800 Blueprint : Anthony Daniels

The 800 Blueprint : Anthony DanielsThe 800 Blueprint

It doesn’t matter if you only want to buy a house, get some money to start a business or get your personal finances on track, THE 800 BLUEPRINT gives up bankable information and unleashes industry secrets that can help anyone go from bad credit to borrowing 6 figures or more within 12 months.

This book is a must read as it contains some of the most impactful information on personal credit and credit card funding available today.

The author lays out a easy to follow guideline to get negative items deleted, maximize borrowing potential and add another level of financial literacy that can be easily understood.

It is easier and faster to borrow a million dollars than it is to earn it, so why would you not want to fix your credit and get in the game?

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