Surviving Toxic In-Laws : Miriam Davids

Surviving Toxic In-Laws : Miriam Davids

Surviving Toxic In-Laws : Miriam DavidsSurviving Toxic In-Laws : The Big Bullies

Ever wonder why most people around the world don’t get along with their in-laws? Is it all about the adage that has been in existence for ages – “When you marry someone, you do not marry the individual. Instead, you marry the person’s entire family”? If so, should this give some in-laws the right to be cruel and nasty to new members of the family?

This book introduces readers to simple ways they can recognize, handle and survive toxic in-laws while protecting their marriage.

Surviving Toxic In-Laws is a couple’s guide to building and creating a more united front as a couple. Written for all couples, married or not, that desire to uproot any ounce of toxicity sprouting from their in-laws.

Written for couples currently under the wrath of toxic in-laws and are eager to acquire ways on how to cope with toxic in-laws; gain tips on how to counter their toxic in-laws’ evil actions with wits about them, especially if they want their marriage to survive against all the odds.

This book gives readers:

  • Practical insights on how to deal with the toxic parent in laws.
  • Everyday steps for handling overt controllers, manipulators, and narcissists
  • Tips to tackle different issues.

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