Strengthen Your Catholic Faith : Odinwankpa RaymondStrengthen Your Catholic Faith

Think you have answers to most tough Catholic questions? Not so fast until you have read STRENGTHEN YOUR CATHOLIC FAITH . For instance:

1- How is it that people pray to the Virgin Mary from different parts of the world at same time, and yet she hears them all and attends to the needs of each devotee without mistakes? She is not omnipresent like God: so how does she manage to hear the prayers of the needy praying at different times from different places? Can you support this claim with the scriptures?

2- How can one prove convincingly from the Holy Bible that Mary had no other child after the birth of Jesus even when the Holy Bible termed some men as brothers of Jesus?

3-Why call Mary, the Mother of God? How could she have given birth to God? What did the Bible say about such?

4- Prove to me, from the scriptures, that catholic image worship is not idolatry.

5-How can you convince a complete novice with the Holy Bible, that Purgatory exists?

These and many more were convincingly explained and no explanation was done without strong scriptural proof.

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Strengthen Your Catholic Faith : Odinwankpa Raymond

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