Stranded : Kesia Ajith

Stranded : Kesia Ajith

Stranded : Kesia AjithThe Book Stranded is a fantasy fiction written by Kesia Ajith, a young author of 14 years.

The book is a fast-paced adventure with a gripping narrative that each reader can experience as it progresses. The writer has narrated the entire adventure in the first person and guides the reader along with her into the realm of fantasy from where there is only one path of escape; complete the book.

The narrative seamlessly integrates the chance transportation of two girls living in Delhi (India), who are not very fond of each other and yet are forced to navigate the treacheries of an alien land that has intrinsic power struggles, traces of human kindness, and two thriving civilisations at crossroads with each other.

The girls were not giving up, and sort out their differences for a while to chart their escape back home from a situation where they were stranded in a world of two kingdoms, two kings, two friends, an assassin and a pendant. Their interaction with a host of characters with definite mission, strong passion and differing abilities add thrilling twists to the tale.

The creatively crafted story is a must read for children of all ages and adults with inclination of reading adventure and fantasy fiction.

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