Soul Science: The Application of Faith : Stephen Stetelman

Soul Science: The Application of Faith : Stephen Stetelman

Soul Science : Stephen StetelmanIn 1901, Duncan MacDougal decided to try to weigh the soul by hooking up the dying to a precise scale. And while science has essentially just shot holes in the method, Duncan had positive results. As these people died, they lost weight—roughly twenty-one grams. He repeated the experiment with dogs and saw no weight loss post mortem. I am not here to shoot holes in his science. I am here to ask the question, what if he was right?

If this experiment proves that the soul exists, there is an afterlife. So if there is an afterlife, something exists outside of this world. And if all that is true, I need to make sure that my soul is going to the right place.

If the soul exists, a religion is true. And if my math is right, it’s the most powerful system in the body. It’s not necessarily the Christianity out of sheer logic here, but it could be. Based on the fact that you’re in the Christian book section, you believe that if a religion is true, it is Christianity. And so do I.

If the soul exists, how does it work?
How does it affect the decisions we make and our habits and behaviors?
If the soul exists, how does it factor in to addiction and mental health?
Why is faith the perfect solution for addiction and mental health?
What is love?
How can we love better?
What did Jesus mean when he said “Love your neighbor as yourself”?
How can we fear God?
Why is forgiveness important?
Why is pride harmful?
How can grief be overcome with love?

In this book, I take an original approach at all these questions, and much more. If you think that faith has nothing that it can bring you, you should read this book. If you are wondering how you can use your beliefs to make better decisions, this book is for you.

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