Yü: A Ross Lamos Mystery : Shayne Laughter

Yü: A Ross Lamos Mystery

Yü: A Ross Lamos Mystery : Shayne Laughter

Yü: A Ross Lamos Mystery : Shayne LaughterYü: A Ross Lamos Mystery

Ross Lamos has built his career dealing Asian art and antiquities by keeping his very useful psychic touch a deep secret. Then three carved Chinese jades from an ancient Dynasty come into Ross’ gallery. Holding one in his hands throws Ross into the scene of a political assassination – from the victim’s point of view. He wakes up back in his gallery knowing that if his Buddhist faith is correct about reincarnation, he is a suspect in a 2,000-year-old-murder … and the woman who brought him the jades, Valerie L, was there.
To make things worse, the three fabulously valuable jades have no provenance documents to prove they legally exist – and dealers in the antiquities black market are in pursuit. To protect the jades, Valerie L and his career, Ross must stalk Valerie L and get legal possession of the stones in any way he can.

But past lives want payback, and Ross is forced to become a Karmic Detective to help Valerie L return the jades to their rightful owners. These figures from the Imperial Court of the Han Dynasty live in the 21st Century, driven by passions and intuitions they don’t understand, reliving a history-shaping tragedy of forbidden love and murderous ambition.

Ross will risk his career and sanity in his quest, which finally reveals his long-ago role in a love story that changed the course of a Dynasty. As he steals the chance to hold each jade and experience its story, Ross falls into the lives of an extraordinary Concubine beloved by both an Emperor and his son, a scheming Wife obsessed with becoming Empress, and the Poet caught between them all. Their story was hidden for 2,000 years in two jade rings and a magnificent sword, three pieces of jade – the Stone of Heaven – yü.

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