Separated by Secrets : Shanna Johnson

Separated by Secrets : Shanna Johnson

Separated by Secrets : Shanna JohnsonSeparated by Secrets

After two years in hiding, Anna is determined to find the people responsible for the death of her family at any cost. Despite the fact that she has very little memory of what happened that horrible night, she knows the outcome—her unborn child and husband are dead. With the memories of her love, she will find the answers and, along the way, open up a past that she never believed was possible.

During this journey, Anna will have the help of an unlikely person that was sworn to be her enemy. Everything she thought was normal will change while finding herself in a life that she doesn’t recognize. Throughout everything, Anna will find love again and uncover the truth that she seeks. She vows revenge and death to anyone involved in her family’s tragedy. And so, the games begin . . . but once the truth is unveiled, will Anna be able to follow through with revenge or listen to her heart and find love?


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