A Taint on Texas : Sally McClain

A Taint on Texas

A Taint on Texas : Sally McClain

A Taint on Texas : Sally McClainA Taint on Texas

Over the Texas landscape lies the bloody stain of a forgotten defeat.

Commemorated only by a lone monument is the death of Cherokee Principle Man, Duwal’li, executed on July 16, 1839 while leading a pan-tribal resistance of 800 warriors. The fight that took his life is called “The Battle of the Neches,” but to those who know the full story, it was truly a massacre.

Duwal’li’s troubles with foreign settlers began in 1773 with the slaying of his father. It ended in his heroic attempt to secure land titles for the Cherokees and the associated tribes he represented. Faced with deceit and bigotry at every turn, Duwal’li’s struggle turned to tragedy when he was forced to confront the army of the newly formed Republic of Texas.




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