Dark Digital Sky : Carac Allison

Dark Digital Sky

Dark Digital Sky : Carac Allison

Dark Digital Sky : Carac AllisonDark Digital Sky

LA Private Investigator Chalk has pulp fiction ink in his veins. But he brings more than gumshoe wisecracks to the new noir landscape. The tools of his trade are an unregistered Glock, a Porsche 911 and the hacker hardware to read your emails and listen in on your phone calls.

“Dark Digital Sky” is the first in the Dark Pantheon series. It starts with a job to find three adult sons fathered through a sperm bank. But then the brothers connect to a violent underworld heist. They become the critical link to a domestic terrorist stealing pharmaceutical drugs for veterans. And this madman is planning a video game style attack against the nation.

These are quotes from crime blogs and zines:

“The next generation of PI has arrived and his name is Chalk.”
-Crime Thriller Hound

“Fresh. Fast. Innovative. A cyberpunk revival of 1950’s hardboiled crime.”
-Mav Skye, Pulp Metal Magazine

“A geeky technothriller for the 21st Century.”
-Marika, Mystery Sequels

“‘Dark Digital Sky’ is probably the closest we’ll ever get to a model of ‘geek noir.’ It’s a must-read for anyone looking for a distinctive, unique literary voice.”
-Blog THIS Pal

This is a small sample of what readers are saying on Amazon:

“Imagine if Phillip Marlowe’s genes were spliced with Sherlock Holmes in this day and age. You’d end up with the anti-hero of this book, the brilliant, if heavily troubled, cynical gumshoe named Chalk.”
-Rick Gualtieri

“ . . .Chalk is decidedly like Marlowe or Mickey Spillane, Lew Archer or Sam Spade: you want him on your side when the chips are down.”
-E. Lee Zimmerman

“Carac has erected a whole new temple unto crime, which sets the bar extremely high for others wishing to imitate Carac’s genius.”
-D. West ‘Bones’

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