Ron & Jazz Adventure One, The World Beside : Hudkins PublishingWhen Ron loses control of his truck avoiding a deer in the roadway, he ends up going over an embankment. He wakes up dazed to find himself and his dog, Jazz, leaning against his truck adjacent to the banks of the Animas River.

Their lucky escape is almost miraculous but what follows is the strangest thing Ron has ever experienced. He suddenly realizes after waking he can understand his dog Jazz, and what every other animal and plant is saying. Every living thing is talking! And many are not really satisfied with humans.

As Ron tries to understand why the plants and animals are so mistrustful of humans, he and Jazz embark on amazing adventures as they try to find a way for humans, animals, and the environment to coexist in harmony.

Ron and Jazz: The World Beside, is a heartwarming story that carries a fantastic message of forgiveness and harmony that young children will love to learn about. With interesting characters and a great storyline, it is sure to become a firm favorite for children ages 6-8 and likely, older ones as well.

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Ron & Jazz Adventure One, The World Beside : Hudkins Publishing

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