Blood on the Orchid : Ray H. HarrisonBlood on the Orchid

When a fifty-thousand-dollar orchid disappears, it sets in motion events that take four lives, destroy a political career and yet, re-unite a family. Nothing attracts the ire of Wolfgang Fenstemier more quickly than dashing the dreams of a young damsel—especially when she happens to be an orphan.

Thus, a good friend and soft heart send Wolfgang in search of a rare black orchid, and he soon finds himself involved with his first murder case in Blood on the Orchid. His search for the rare orchid leads Wolfgang, courtroom sketch artist turned part-time investigator, and his lawyer friend, Davie Trammell, through the seamy side of Georgia politics to dark, dank mine shafts in north Georgia.  They learn the hard way, what pure evil the desire for political power can exert.



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Blood on the Orchid : Ray H. Harrison

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