Pop Secrets : Jackie Notter

Pop Secrets : Jackie Notter

Pop Secrets : Jackie NotterA fast-paced, edgy escape into a secret world of sexual temptation and liberation.

Thirty-year-old Jackie Notter has had enough of men. After a disastrous marriage, Jackie has a chance encounter with pop sensation Brixton Webber. For the first time in her life, she finally experiences true pleasure. Jackie wants more and Brixton is happy to deliver.

What begins as wild sex turns into a torrid love affair. But they live in completely different worlds, and their age difference complicates matters.

How far will Brixton’s disapproving manager go to keep them apart? Will Jackie’s interloping “was-band” ruin everything? Is Brixton willing to alienate his young and adoring fans for the sake of love, or will Jackie remain his Pop Secret?

2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards Winner

The Mirror’s Touch by Jackie Notter is also on Whizbuzz Books.

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