The Tapestry : Paul Wigmore

The Tapestry

The Tapestry : Paul Wigmore

The Tapestry : Paul WigmoreThe Tapestry

Until Gavin died, he had never been able to defend himself against the bullies that had tormented him throughout his childhood into his adult life.

It was only once he had sold his soul to Saul, ‘The Bringer of The Black Plague’ that he became the man he should always have been.

Saul was the mightiest, most bloodthirsty demon ever to wander the wasteland of Hades. Even challenging the throne of Adromoloch himself, he wasn’t done yet though. He just needed Gavins’ soul.

The only one able to stem the flow of evil about to erupt from the sulphuric forest of ash beneath our feet is the psychic Clara. But can the dragons help her to ‘become’ in time to save the children?

“Ring a ring o’ rosies

A pocket full of posies’

Atishoo!, Atishoo!

We all fall down.”

A truly horrific tale which will turn your blood cold and bring a tear to your eye, so settle yourself down for the night…but don’t forget to leave the light on.

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