On The Rocks : Rebecca Marks

On The Rocks

On The Rocks : Rebecca Marks

On The Rocks : Rebecca MarksOn The Rocks

At forty-two, Dana Cohen has retired from her twenty-two-year career as a detective in the NYPD and moved back home to the rocky cliffs above Long Island Sound to take stock of her life.

Her drinking has become problematic, and she increasingly relies on it as her life becomes more complicated. Her estranged husband, Pete Fitzgerald, surprises her at her house, armed with flowers and promises to finally be faithful.

Although Dana sends him packing, when he‟s later accused of murder, she jumps to his defense, enlisting a crew of odd but competent characters. Pete swears he’s innocent, and Dana wants to believe him.

But with all the evidence pointing directly at him, reasonable doubt is getting very hard to come by.


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